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20/20 Vision Home Inspections - Los Angeles
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 9 reviews
 by Amber Kristin
Hire Dave!

Dave is an excellent home inspector! Vast knowledge is what is required here and he has it! He is very thorough, friendly and professional and explains things in detail without being an alarmist. Easy to read reports, and does it all with a great attitude. I highly recommend.

 by Michael Rosenfeld
If you are a builder..trust me..use 20/20 Vision before you list your property

As a developer it is imperative to know everything I can about my homes. David helps me do that. He arms me with the information I need to make sure my GCs and subs completed their jobs and that my homes are ready to hit the market. If you are a builder..trust me..use 20/20 Vision before you list your property and stay ahead of any unforeseen issues a buyers inspector might find. Thank you David Trent!

 by Richard Ehrlich
David Trent has been my go home inspector for several years now

David Trent has been my go home inspector for several years now. So much so, I will wait for him to avail himself instead of going elsewhere. He is tough but fair. I always want the best for my clients and to have them protected by the best. He will call like he sees it but delivers his findings with a calmness and ease that doesn't scare buyers away but with an understanding of what is typical instead of dire. He is punctual, responsive, and delivers an extensive report that is user friendly. In an industry where buyers are represented by business managers and attorneys, he satisfies them all which in turn gives my clients confidence in me. He has my highest recommendation for small homes to the city’s great estates.

 by Fran Flanagan
He is responsive, pleasant and accommodating

David Trent has inspected about a dozen properties for me in the last five years. I use him whenever I can. He is responsive from the first call to him, pleasant and accommodating. He arrives on time and sets to work immediately. If the buyer wants to come to the inspection, that's ok with David. If the buyer does not want to come for the whole day, he will set up a meeting with the buyer for the end of the inspection and go through the important issues. No buyer, no problem. The report is so thorough, and he will talk on the phone to the buyer if required.

He is upbeat and professional. He knows his stuff. The reports are a wonder, as he photographs every little thing and then points a red arrow on it. The photos are electronic, so you can blow them up and really see what's going on.

He presents my buyers with very thorough information, giving them the confidence to move forward. His optimism shines through even the difficult ones, so that a buyer can balance what they love about the house and what they have to do.

He makes me look good, always a plus. He tells my clients that I am a treasure, honestly, it's true, but so is he!

 by Jonathan Nash
Truly a first-class service

I have worked with David for over four years. He is without question my first call when it comes to home inspections. Service is not only delivered with a smile, but it is also the most thorough inspection service I have ever used. In addition, David’s after sale service is second to none, making himself available at all times to speak at length with my buyers/sellers. Truly a first-class service. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

 by Jonah
5 Diamond Quality

David's years of experience and attention to detail show in his professionalism and quality of his work product.


Money well spent to ensure the quality of a valuable asset at time of sale or as preventive maintenance for cost avoidance.

 by Della Mandell
5630 Ostrom Ave.

David Trent is very professional and especially polite. He arrived promptly on time. His evaluation was thorough and efficient. He's a very nice man.

 by Leon Bayer
He is the Best

David Trent and 20/20 Vision were recommended to me by a friend. I have been wanting a home inspection.


David Trent and 20/20 Vision did a fantastic job on my home home inspection. I am not even selling my home. I have lived in my house for 25 years. I always try to keep everything in good repair. But I thought that after 25 years, I should have an independant set of eyes go through my property, looking for any issues or problems that are not obvious.


David Trent was paitient. David Trent was increrdibly thorough. He understands construction and building codes.He spent 3 hours going through my property with a fine tooth comb. Everything he looked at was carefully documented and photographed to illustrate what he saw. After that, I received a comprehensive written report, fully documented with detailed photographs.


It was a smart decision to have David do my inspection. I have a couple of issues to deal with that I would never have known about on my own. I can take care of those now, so thar it won't turn into a major expensive problem later on.


I strongly recommend a home inspection for everyone. Whether you are selling, or staying. We all have a huge investment in our homes. We have to protect our investment. Maintaining our property means fixing the obvious, and also entails finding and fixing the not so obvious.


Sure, an inspection costs a few bucks. But it is a modest expense that anyone can afford if you own a home. Don't think of the cost as a burden. It is an investment. We all need it to keep our homes safe and sound.


Anybody who wants my personal endorsement can call me, at 213-629-8801. I'm a real person. If my review sounds like advertisement, it isn't. I am an attorney, and I deal with real estate issues every day in my own law practice. Sincerely, Leon Bayer.

 by Melody and Eric Dosch
Van Nuys Midvale Estates Property

We have bought and sold several homes over the past twenty five years and have never had such a thorough and detailed inspection of any of our homes. We can confidently sell our property knowing that there will be no surprises for the purchasers or for us. And, we will be able to confidently purchase our next property knowing that every nook and cranny has been examined and expertly assessed for soundness. The confidence that David has given us is priceless and will make the repair and sale of our property much less stressful! We highly recommend him to everyone who wants the full picture and no surprises!!!