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Los Angeles Home Inspection Services


Here are some of the areas that we inspect:

*Electrical systems      *Attic                 *Plumbing           *Foundations

*Kitchens                     *Bathrooms       *Water Heaters    *Roof

*Garage                        *Decks               *Doors                 *Windows

*Heating and Cooling  *Fireplaces        *Structural           *Exterior Wall Covering

*Pool and Spa               *Crawl Space   *Driveways          *Built in Appliances

•Provide onsite summary & e-mail copy of the complete detailed report, with photographs, within 24-48 hours

•Carry $1,000,000 Errors and Omissions & General Liability insurance

•Pre-listing home inspections to help you sell your home faster

•1-Year construction warranty inspections

•Pool and Spa inspections

•Competitive prices

•All reports follow the Standards and Practices of the American Society of Home Inspectors

•Property Inspections prepared on the Home Gauge Inspection Software which can cover approximately 400 specific items, depending on the needed scope of the inspection

•Serving Los Angeles & Ventura Counties