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Construction Punch-Out List Inspection

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Construction Punch-out List Inspection

If you are a Developer, an Investor constructing high end spec homes or a Developer commissioned to build a custom home, you will want to read this.  These types of construction projects are often large and difficult to manage. Most contractors are well intentioned. However, they are often behind schedule, possibly billing you ahead of services provided and may not always be aware of their sub-contractor performances.  This is where an In-House Construction Punch-out List Inspection Report can help.

An In-House Construction Punch-out List Inspection is just as the name states. Generally, about 3-4 weeks prior to the completion of construction, 20/20 Vision Home Inspections will arrive at your construction site. We will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the components of the home. There are a few components that are not inspected and those can be discussed individually. An elevator is an example of a component that is not inspected. A detailed report will be generated. This report will inform you as to which components are incomplete, incorrectly installed, in process of installation at the time of the inspection & those components that are not operating properly. A Punch-out report will be generated and outline those conditions and deficiencies, line item by line item. It is not unusual for that list to be 150 – 300 deficiencies in length. We have performed this type of inspection for homes valued from $3 Million to $180 Million.

A wonderful feature of this type of report:  It should not have to be disclosed in the escrow process. This is an In-House report while construction is ongoing. It is strictly for you to have a comprehensive list to review. Generally, it is the distributed to your contractor and sub-contractors to ensure they complete all conditions and deficiencies listed. It is also a great tool for you to have prior to the final billings by your contractor. If you are interested in this type of inspection there is a sample report in this website.

Thank you for considering us for your inspection needs.