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Los Angeles Home Inspection Services

Who should have a home inspection?

Anyone who is about to purchase or sell a home should have a home inspection. Buying a home is one of the largest single investments of a lifetime. Knowing the condition of that home prior to closing is a sound investment practice. The purpose of a home inspection is to identify major and minor defects in the property, as well as point out its strengths. The report generated by the inspection should detail a thorough and detailed accounting of the findings. This will enable you to know what to expect in terms of maintenance, needed repairs and the estimated remaining functional life of your roof & AC units, for example. You would be surprised to find how many times a fresh coat of paint is concealing a serious structural issue. Is that stain on the roof caused from a chronic roof leak? Or is it simply from a single incident that has been repaired?

The job of the inspector is to discover and evaluate concerning existing deficiencies. These deficiencies will be conveyed to you in the report. This information gives you the invaluable knowledge needed to help you to make a good buying decision. Of course we encourage you to join us throughout the inspection and ask as many questions as needed. We want you to make a confident buying decision.

As a seller: Having likely owned your home for a long period of time, an inspection can identify potential concerns which could affect the sale of the property. Furthermore, we can recommend preventive measures which might avoid future expensive repairs.

Did a Realtor recommend a home inspection? Then you are probably working with a good Realtor. By recommending a Qualified, Certified Home Inspector, your Realtor is looking out for your best interests by wanting you to be totally informed. It also gives them information needed to make a complete disclosure or request for repairs during the sale. Call 20/20 Vision Home Inspections to evaluate the home you are about to purchase at (424) 355-8318.

What is a home inspection?

A Home Inspection is intended to provide the client with objective information regarding the condition of installed systems and components of the home as inspected at the time of the inspection. It is a visual, non-intrusive and technical examination. It adheres to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). It is designed to report those systems and components inspected that, in the professional judgment of the inspector, are not functioning properly, significantly deficient, unsafe or are near the end of their service life. The inspection should make recommendations to correct, or monitor for future correction the deficiencies reported or items needing further evaluation.

Inspectors are not required to determine methods, materials or costs of corrections or the reasoning or explanation as to the nature of the deficiencies that are not self-evident. The inspector shall also report systems and components that were present at the time of the inspection yet were not inspected. An example of this would be not inspecting a roof because it was covered by snow. An inspector is not required to inspect an installed system or component of a home when it could damage the home trying to inspect it, it could cause physical injury to the inspector or lack of access prohibits the inspector from performing the observation.

What gets inspected in a professional home inspection?

A 20/20 Vision Home Inspection includes evaluation of:

  • Proper Drainage
  • Plumbing system
  • Foundation, Crawl Space & Ventilation
  • Attic
  • Insulation
  • Framing
  • Decks
  • Complete Exterior
  • Complete Interior
  • Electrical system
  • Foundation
  • Masonry
  • Installed Appliances
  • Windows & Doors
  • Roofing
  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Garage and Door opener.
When should I contact a Home Inspector?

Consult with an inspector immediately following your offer to buy your new home. Nearly all real estate contracts usually allow for an inspection contengency period to inspect the home. Ask your Real Estate agent to include this inspection clause in the contract, making your purchase obligation contingent upon the findings of a professional inspection.

Why should I call 20/20 Vision Home Inspections?

Having performed nearly 2,000 inspections, 20/20 Vision Home Inspections has developed a reputation of being the top of the highest rated inspection companies in Los Angeles. We are entrusted with inspecting some of the most exclusive and expensive homes in the world. This year, 2018, we are on target to inspect approximately $1.5 Bil of residential homes. We perform a most detailed inspection and present it in a way that is easily understood. Should you have follow up questions, simply contact us & we will answer them all. Please see our education section regarding this training. Furthermore we are OSHA certified for site safety. Also, we are certified by ASHI, the most respected national governing body with the most stringent Standards of Practice in the industry. Finally, David Trent was a licensed General Contractors who has over decades of on hand construction experience. This means we KNOW HOW homes are built. 20/20 Vision Home Inspections, LLC (424) 355-8318

Are Home Inspectors licensed?

I know this will seem crazy but, in the state with the most regulation regarding nearly everything in life, the State of California does not regulate the licensing or certifications of a Home Inspector. Many states do, just not California. That means there are many inspectors out there who are simply not professionally trained to perform the important task of the home inspection. Now that the cat is out of the bag, what do you do?…..You look for a real professional.

20/20 Vision Home Inspections took it upon themselves to become nationally educated and certified by AHIT and ASHI. Please see the question above for more detail regarding this. ASHI is the Standards of Practice that most States base their licensing on. AHIT is accepted training in nearly ALL states that require education. Arizona, for example, requires a 90 hours training course as part of their state licensing. 20/20 Vision Home Inspections completed a 300 hour course accepted by the State of Arizona. Combined with our education and certification, our 25 year construction experience , licensed general contractors in the State of California since 2003, should give you great confidence that you are choosing the right company for your inspection.

How is the industry regulated?

In California all inspections should be performed to the standards adopted by ASHI or CREIA. ASHI standards are the most stringent in the industry. We are members of ASHI. ASHI is an organization of independent, professional home inspectors who are required to make a commitment, from the day they join ASHI, to conduct inspections in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, which prohibits engaging in conflict-of-interest activities that might compromise their objectivity. ASHI Associates work their way to ASHI Certified Inspector status as they meet rigorous requirements, including passing a comprehensive, written technical exam and performing a minimum of 250 professional fee-paid home inspections conducted in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Mandatory continuing education helps the membership stay current with the latest in technology, materials and professional skills.

How long does an inspection take?

A typical inspection for a 5,000 square foot home with no detached structures, for example, will generally take five hours. If the inspection is for a new construction home of the same size, it will generally take 4 hours. This is dependent upon the size of the home and the components being inspected.

Should I meet inspector on-site?

While it’s not required that you be present for the inspection, it is highly recommended. You will be able to observe the inspector and ask questions as you learn about the condition of the home and how to maintain it.

What kind of report will I receive?

You will receive a computer generated report that is customized to your home with a photo journal and a summary page. I know there are a some inspectors who write limited, unprofessional hand written reports. A 20/20 Vision Home Inspections report is stored in The Cloud. This will allow you to review it as often as needed, forward it to whom you fee necessary. The report is generally provided to you within 4-48 hours. 20/20 Vision Home Inspections, LLC sample report.

How much does a home inspection cost?

Inspection fees are generally based according to the size, age and various other components of the home such as a guesthouse or other detached structures. Fees from an experienced professional home inspector generally start about $700 for a home up to 1,500 square feet in size.


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