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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Tips

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Tips

Carbon Monoxide (CO) should be a concern for all homeowners because despite its danger, it is colorless, odorless and tasteless.  Many Carbon Monoxide problems are caused by poor maintenance or improper use of fuel-burning equipment.  But, where does Carbon Monoxide come from?  CO is produced when fuel is burned, so any fuel-burning appliance is a potential source.  Proper maintenance and operation of fuel burning equipment is essential.  We suggest that you pay close attention to gas furnaces and water heaters and their connections to chimneys.
Please note these potential Carbon Monoxide Sources in the home:
*Blocked chimney opening     *Clogged chimney     *Portable heaters     *Gas or wood burning fireplace     *Propane refrigerator     *Improperly installed cooktop range or stove     *Gas dryer     *Corroded or disconnected water heater vent pipe     *Leaking chimney of flue pipe     *Auto exhaust fumes from an attached garage     *Don’t operate a barbecue grill in an enclosed area (such as a garage)
Here’s a few things you Must Know and Must Do!
*For your maximum protection, two (2) Carbon Monoxide alarms are recommended per household.  One should be in the furnace room and the other should be located near sleeping areas.  Install these alarms per manufacturer instructions.
*Maintain and understand all fuel-burning appliances
*Hire professionals for appliance service
*Never use a gasoline engine inside your home
*Never use a grill for heat inside your home
We will be bringing you regular homeowner tips which are designed for life safety, to encourage the maximum operational life of your appliances, AC units and other components as well as general advice by seasoned professionals designed to educate you regarding the maintenance of your home.


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